The REYCO DynaVac® was originally developed to remove water from various fresh vegetable products for the fresh-cut foods industry. Over the past several years the DynaVac® has also proven itself in the fresh-cut fruit industry to recover Liquid Gold™ or similar fruit treatments to improve shelf-life as well as finding a home in dehydrated facilities. 

Development of the REYCO DynaVac® has been further enhanced with the recent boom in packaged salad suppliers. Products including shredded cabbage, whole baby carrots and sliced radishes are dewatered before bagging. Cole slaw producers find they can control the residual surface moisture prior to packaging while potato salad suppliers are able dramatically reduce the product temperature after blanching. Water removal through the DynaVac has an added benefit of offering an evaporative cool to the process. In some cases, this temperature drop can replace a pre-cooler prior to freezing. 

The DynaVac System consists of a blower which draws a vacuum through multiple suction plenums. These plenums are mounted below a stainless steel, balanced-weave, precision driven conveyor belt. The unit can be built with a either a 30 or 40 horsepower fan and the DynaVac is manufactured with two or more separate suction plenums, agitator shafts and spray bars to fit a variety of applications. Integrated catch and drain pans are designed into the system and each DynaVac conveyor can be custom built to your specifications. Additionally, REYCO can provide pumping packages and liquid recovery systems to preserve valuable product treatments. 

Finally, REYCO also offers the model AK20 air knife to blow across the top of your products, enhancing the performance of the DynaVac® and improving control of the final product. One or more air knives can be mounted above the DynaVac as required in various applications. 

DynaVac Brochure