The REYCO Oil Miser® has been the standard for oil removal and recovery in the French fry industry for nearly twenty years. The new REYCO DynaMiser conveyor incorporates three improvements in product handling and air flow to increase oil removal and recovery versus our standard conveyors. First, we have included a balanced-weave, precision driven, stainless steel belt to replace the older chain driven belts. This special belt design provides for much closer tolerances across the suction plenum interface and increases the air flow around the product.

Second, we can incorporate multiple, adjustable, product agitators just prior to the plenum slots to insure optimum product spread and uniform product depth across the belt. Third, we can offer one or more product “turnovers” along the conveyor length. These product “turnovers” have proven especially effective in removing oil from flat products such as hash brown patties, potato slices, or sausage patties and can also help reduce “nesting” which is common in French fry production lines. All three of these factors are critical to optimizing the REYCO oil removal system performance. 

The REYCO DynaMiser conveyor can be incorporated as part of a new Oil Miser production line or can be retrofitted to existing plants. In many cases, this upgrade can be coupled with additional improvements to the existing Miser oil removal system to increase oil recovery by an additional twenty-percent or more. In most cases, the current high cost of low transfat and polyunsaturated oils will allow for a DynaMiser retrofit project payback in eight months or less, including installation costs. 


DynaMiser Brochure